The Finest Sportfishing Yachts In The World
Striker Sportfishing Yacht designs up to 120' are available
for new construction. Also there is a Striker 110 mega yacht
available for commissioning to build. All Strikers are
designed by Thomas de Groot with the regard to the
highest quality standards in the world.

With todays new engine technology Striker yachts offer
excellent range at medium speed. Thanks to the unique hull

Strikers are more practical for the serious cruising captain.
Ship like construction along with a shallow draft makes
Striker well suited to venture were most yachts cannot dare

The largest Strikers can take their owners to the ends of the
earth. Strikers are a very unique design that should be
consider for your next build.

Please feel free to use our contact page for any of your
inquires for new build and technical info for pre-owned
Striker 120 ready for commissioning to design and build.  The Striker 120 is a very
large sportfishing yacht with a beam of 30 ft. She will give you the feel of a 150 ft
vessel. Detailed specs on layout and performance calculations including speed
and range  are available to qualified individuals upon request as well as the 85 ft-er
below and all other Striker designs by De Groot Patherswolde B.V.. Please use our
contact page to email us with your questions on Striker new construction
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Length over all {less pulpit} 85'
Beam 26'
Draft  6'
Height above waterline  28'
Displacement  85 long tons
Fuel Capacity  7,500 US Gal.
Freshwater Capacity  750 US Gal.
Engine power up to 6000 hp.       
New 65 walk around express         
Striker retro series design is for someone who wants the early lines built with
todays modern equipment. The 39 can be offered with walk through transom
door,transom fish box, mezzanine seating, cockpit engine room access. Can be
setup bare-bones Carolina style for charter use or family and cruising with very
good range. Striker's are excellent island hoppers and offers a lot boat in this size.
Other early models available as a retro-style as well.  
Striker retro series designs
Big game fishing news
from the originator Thomas de Groot of The Netherlands. Featured here the Striker 50 third
generation, is offered in the newest marine grade aluminum ALUSTAR 15 % lighter and
stronger then 5083 marine grade aluminum. Over 10 Striker 50's have been built since 1979
series-1 and starting in 1987 series-2 and now series-3 using series-2 lines, but with cockpit
design changes, including transom fist box, mezzanine seating, cockpit engine room access,
walk-through transom door etc. The Striker 50 has a tournament style cockpit and the best
foredeck and side decks in the business, that offers much greater space then most boats
built today. Get on top of a school of fish breaking you can position fishermen all around the
boat with safety thanks to the aluminum bow rails and large walk out pulpit which can handle
2 fishermen, features not offered by our competition. Also, great place for lounging in the
sun on the very large bench seat incorporated into the house facing forward.

The interior can be built with honey cone materials for added lightness, premium diesel
power between 800hp- 1000hp each motor with interceptors 5 blade props. The Striker 50 is
a semi planning hull that offers very good rough water performance and will give you more
fish and cruise time. Striker's are known to be able to fish while other boats wait it out. These
boats are great for the tournament circuit, long range cruising and Island hopping.

Basic specs, 50ft less pulpit, 16' 8'' beam, Draft 3'9'', 1100gals fuel, 250 gals water. Twin
generators, optional seakeeper for added stability to an already stable hull. Two staterooms
galley up or down. Can also be setup Carolina charter boat style with bare bones
interior options. You will fish while the others sit at the dock !

The Striker is a proven hull with 50 years of service in the pleasure and commercial industry
through-out the world. Having been built by qualified builders in the USA, The Netherlands,
Norway, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, South America.

This boat can be built in The Netherlands or by a qualified Aluminum boat builder of your
choosing with approval. Each boat is built on a design license agreement. Ideally the boat
would be built with ALUSTAR marine grade lightweight aluminum , honey cone interior bulks
heads, doors flooring etc, high quality 13-16 liter diesel engines for longevity.

The Striker 50 design is a product of The Netherlands home of some of the best boat
designers and boat builders in the world.