Sea Chests supplies raw water to engines and generators, eliminates need for multiple through-hull fittings.
Exhaust system engineered to direct fumes away from cockpit.
Manhole Access and Drains permit easy maintenance and cleaning of fuel and water tanks.
Fuel -management System permits tranfer of fuel between tanks for balanced weight distriburtion.
Collision Bulkhead forms watertight compartment in the most critical area of the yacht.
Gin Pole hoists fish and ventilates engine room.
Copper Pipes used for all fresh water plumbing.
Sea Chests supplies raw water to engines and generators, eliminates need for multiple through-hull fittings.
Cockpit Freezer for handy frozen bait storage.
Cockpit and Covering Boards solid teak throughout.
Safety Equipment all USCG required equipment including life preservers, bell, manual fog horn, fire extinguishers.
Cockpit Engine Controls for precise fish-fighting maneuverability.
Day Head with cockpit entrance reduces traffic through salon.
Bow Rail and Pulpit 2
All Electrical Cables are insulated, braided copper wire, protect by sheathing and conduits.
Watertight Bulkhead Doors provide fore and aft access to engine room.
Marine Aluminum alloy 5083 used thoughout; {tensile strenght of 46,000 lbs. per square inch} welded by latest inert gas, shielded-metal arc process {no rivets used }
Tuna Door makes boating fish easier.
Emergency Tiller easily accessible under cockpit hatch.
Hatch Safety Rail forward hatch has integral rail for safety entry and exit.
Zoned Climate Control reverse-cycle air conditioning can heat or cool entire cabin or selected areas.
Aluminum Framework of transverse frames and longitudinal stringers welded into a single unit for maximum rigidity.
Integral Tankage cools fuel as water passes over hull; eliminates need for fuel cooling devices; increases fuel capacity.
Full Instrumentation state-of-the-art gauges and operating instruments.
Insulation and moisture barrier engineered for maximum thermal effectiveness and noise reduction {quieter than fiberglass}
Fire-protection System activates automatically.
Engine Alarm System provides reliable early warning.
Bait-Prep Center and tackle cabinet with sink, cutting board presurized hot and cold water.
Access Hatches in all-teak cockpit for easy access to rudder heads and aft bilge.
Bridge Entertainment Center refrigerator and sink w/fresh water conveniently located on bridge.
Isolation Transformers for incoming shore power.
Freash and Saltwater Washdown port and starboard, aids cleanup.
Transom Livewell forlive-bait storage.
Rod Locker for convenient vertical storage.
Hydraulically Raise Stairs provides easy access to engine room.
Oil Holding Tank with integral hose for easy changing or topping off of engines and generators.