Striker pilot boats are designed and
developed specifically for pilot service. The
hull shape evolved from successful
aluminum fishing yachts, famous for their
outstanding sea worthiness record in
adverse sea conditions.

The current design features of the Striker
pilot vessels reflect the cumulative
experience gained through feed back from
different pilots operating these vessels
around the world.

Strikers are all weather pilot boats, easy to
control and to handle in close quarters while
outstanding in its seaworthiness in any kind
of sea condition. It is a rugged work boat,
economical to operate and requires minimal
maintenance by virtue of its corrosion free
marine aluminum construction.
Ultra safe at transfers and very comfortable
while waiting for transfers or boardings in
rough seas thanks to the unique hull design.
A design that will amaze the most experienced
captains, a design that rarely sips the sea and
a hull design that
can handle a lot of abuse and ask for more.
Striker 54, Accommodations for 12 crew
members at sea  and 30 at port. Very large
engine room spaces.
All weather.
Well thought out design with a comfortable
and economical service speed of 18 knots
with 26 knots max .
One must remember, due
to excellent seakeeping
ability of these vessels, a
very high average speed
can be attained compared
to other vessels with a
higher top speed. Also
these vessels are
considered very safe by
the men who operate them.
Designs for the Striker work boats are available worldwide. Complete
kits can be shipped to your builder's door with metal work performed if
needed. Since Striker is still a young company there is no telling how
long your vessel will last, however there are records of over 40 years
of pilot service and 50 years of pleasure-work boat service to date.
References available upon request, please use contact page for more
detailed info on your specific needs .
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New Striker 50 Pilot / Rescue and all around work boat design
Reference list of some of the valued operators of the all welded marine aluminium alloy Striker pilot- and commercial vessels deployed on a daily basis
around the world:

-Norges Kystdirektoratet (Norway) State Pilotservice :3 units of 54ft.& 17 units of 44ft.
-Wasser-u.Schiffartdirektion (N.Germany) State Pilotservice  :8 units of 44ft.
-Rijksloodswezen (Dutch Pilot Board) :1 unit of 54ft.
-Hunters Ports Authority NSW (Australia) MSB Pilotservice :7 units of 54ft.
-City of Ft.Lauderdale (USA) Fire-dept. :1 unit of 44ft.
-San Juan Puerto Rico (USA) Police dept. :2 units of 44ft.
-Argentina Coast Guard :6 units of 37ft.
-Guatemala Coast Guard :3 units of 37 ft.
-University of Georgia (USA) Research dept. :1 unit of 37ft.
-Queensland Coast & Torres Straits (Austr.) Private Pilotservice :3 units of 37ft.
-Queensland  (Austr.) State Pilotservice 2 units of 37ft.
-New South Wales  (Austr.) MSB Search & Rescue service :1 unit of 44ft.& 1 unit of 37ft.
-N.Queensland (Austr.) Nat'l.Park & Wildlife :2 units of 30ft.
-Port of Tauranga (New Zealand) Pilotservice :1 unit of 46ft.
-Port of Napier (New Zealand) Pilotservice :1 unit of 46ft.
-Port of Wellington (New Zealand) Pilotservice :1 unit of 46ft.
-Queensland (Austr.) H&E Marine Parks Patrol :1 unit of 46ft