STRIKER, a name referring to the iron-nerved whaling man in a wooded boat most
relied upon..........the STRIKER the Harpooner.

History in brief, boatbuilding activities were initiated by one
Herbert R. Phillips in
1951 on Long Island, New York U.S.A. building steel skiff-type sportsfishboats
based upon a developable surfaces idea of Phillip Bolger, in 1954 Phillips moved
with his business to Pompano Beach Florida and after having built a small number
of boats there, he sought to have the boats built elsewhere and in 1957 initiated
that Groningen in The Netherlands and became the birthplace of about 50 up to 33
ft. long steel STRIKERS with open bridge, twin Ford diesel engines and an
accomodation for four; in the early 60's marine aluminium alloy, thanks to
ALCAN'S Banbury UK laboratory, emerged as the material in all welded
construction to challenge  successfully  steel { corrosion} and fiberglass {weight}
and from 1961 on it has been all along STRIKER Diesel Aluminum and continous
series have been produced in sizes
33, 35, 37,39 , 41, 44, 50, 54, 58, 62 and 70 ft.
sportfishing boats, while other sizes are currently researched and developed.

In 1983
Herbert R. Phillips has transferred all his rights to the registered STRIKER
Tradename, the STRIKER  logo as well as the STRIKER   fish to Thomas de Groot-
who joined Striker way back in 1957 and who has already in 1966 taken charge of
research /design/ development and has been doing the designing and developing
computer aided of all versions and sizes of Strikers ever since exclusively
worldwide under the name of De Groot Paterswolde B.V. and Striker Boats
International Ltd.; Herb  Phillips to-date operates as a general brokerage company
in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.
De Groot Paterswolde B.V. and Striker Boats International Ltd. have sofar brooked
that Phillips can trade with Striker boats in the USA.

In 1974 alongside the STRIKER sportfishingboats ranging from 35' to 70' which
were built in Holland, Spain, Norway, S. Korea, Chile a series of 44 and 54 Ft.
STRIKER pilot and surveillance was started in Norway with
Kvaerner} Fjellstrand
on a license basis. Thirty 44' pilot-boats, one 44 ambulance-boat, two 54 navy
surveillance crafts mainly for use up the Norwegian-, German and Dutch coast; in
1977 a series of seven 54' pilot-boats were built under license in Australia and eight
37' pilot-vessels and a couple of 30'-ers, all operating as pilot-boats, custom
launches, etc up the Australian coast; in 1984 a license has been established in
New Zealand building pilotboats/ fishingboats for the New Zealand region, and
following a license is established in Australia and a line of patrol-boats is
developed for operation i.a. in Australia region.

STRIKER is worldwide known for stability, seaworthiness, integrity, comforting,
satisfaction and is all welded of marine aluminium alloy for multiple decades-long
life of minimum maintenance manufactured by qualified, licensed builders.

In various regions licenses are available for STRIKER pilot- , surveillance- and
general purpose vessels, but also for the STRIKER sportfishing yacht range of 41'  
up  to 120' for custom one-off and serial production; incl. turn key project

You are invited to examine your objectives and to experience that STRIKER is
geared to meet your specific needs.
Pioneers in the construction of all welded  
Aluminum  boats.
Striker has helped put a few builders on the
map over the years. Striker's unique hull
design is the ultimate in medium speed
vessels, offering a higher average speed
then those with higher speeds in clam sea
Over 300 Aluminum Strikers have been built
to date. Furthermore, almost all are still in
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